Kathleen Zeppegno


For over ten years I have explored the many options inherent to encaustic painting. The encaustic process involves melting wax, transferring it to a panel, then enhancing the surface with varying techniques. I love to push the medium, to experiment, and uncover new ways that wax can be manipulated. This trial and error approach has evolved to creating intriguing sculptural forms.

Although my work has shifted to new levels, the one element that has remained a constant is texture. Through layering, reworking the surface, embedding objects and incorporating organic with inorganic, the final piece takes on a tactile quality which engages the senses. My intent is to continue on this wax journey with the goal of eliciting curiosity while presenting a thought provoking experience of the viewer.

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Untitled, encaustic, mixed media

Untitled, encaustic, mixed media

Gravity, encaustic, mixed media

Circling Home, encaustic, mixed media

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