Patricia Sennott


A transformation can occur while carefully observing nature. This transformation has driven me to draw, paint and print for many years. Working on portraying the elegant lines found in flowers and trees or translating complicated patterns of light and shadow: this practice continues to lure and to nurture me. By transformation I refer to the calm which can cut through the chaos of daily life.

The blessedness of floral imagery has expanded in recent years to include birds in my work. This is thanks in part to having won the Victor Jacoby Grant in 2008 which allowed me to obtain a good camera and to study printmaking at Kala Institute in Berkeley. Observing a bird, whether away in the mountains or in the intimacy of my garden can feel like a miracle! They symbolize transcendence and great mysteries to me.

Verdin2, Monotype

Loggerhead Shrike, Monotype

Attitude for Gratitude, Monotype

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Bee and Echinops Flower, Monotype

Autumn Companions, Monotype