Tina Rousselot


How Does One Make Color Communicate?

My paintings are inspired by the landscape.  I extract and transform what I feel.  This becomes my first conversation: a conversation with my myself.

As I paint representations of my emotions, a new conversation suggests itself: the conversation within or between paintings.  A dialogue begins, a give and take.  Movement is suggested by the vibration of light, the layering of color, the painting’s reflection upon a wall, and the way each painting connects to another. Moving from the dynamic to the ethereal, from energy to quiet contemplation, the work is finally resolved in the balancing of opposites. 

The paintings of award-winning artist Tina Rousselot have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries, including the Museum of New Mexico and the Janus gallery in Santa Fe; the Morris Graves Museum in Eureka, California; and the Jacqueline Anhalt Gallery in Los Angeles; and the Ars Longa Gallery in Houston.

Tina received a BFA from Cornell University and a MFA from Columbia University.  She is an accomplished landscape architect with a range of diverse projects in Santa Fe and Taos.

Jemez 26” x 30”

Summer #2 18” x 18”

Red Sky at Morning 10” x 30” (2)

Marsh 30” x 40”

Westerland 30” x 30”

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